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Adsorption Plate SP

Series/CAD Features
  • Ideal for adsorption and fixing in place of thin sheets, glass panels, and soft workpieces. Workpieces do not deform since they are adsorbed with multiple micro air vents on the adsorption surface.
  • A high level of machining accuracy.
  • Strong adsorption force.


Free Mount Cylinder for Vacuum ZCUK

Series/CAD Features
  • In the rectangular, compact cylinder series CU which has a high level of mounting precision, a vacuum passage is provided in the rod to facilitate the mounting of a vacuum pad and to save space.
  • Standard vacuum pads (φ2 to φ50) can be mounted.


Drain Separator for Vacuum AMJ

Series/CAD Features
  • Removes water droplets from air by simply installing in vacuum equipment connection lines.
  • Effective for removing water droplets form the air sucked into vacuum pumps and ejectors, etc.


Exhaust Cleaner for Vacuum AMV

Series/CAD Features
  • Captures 99.5% of oil mist exhausted form the vacuum pump.
  • Creates a comfortable working environment without oil mist.
  • Captures and separates 99.5% of highly concentrated oil mist with a low flow rate.
  • No need for exhaust ducts from the vacuum pump.


Liquid Collector/Exhaust Pressure Type AEP100

Series/CAD Features
  • Collect and reuse the leaked lubricating oil or hydraulic fluid using exhaust pressure.
  • Collect it using the exhausted air released from the switching valve into the atmosphere, realizing energy saving.
  • Efficient operation eliminating collection and wiping by hand.


Liquid Collector/Ejector Type HEP500

Series/CAD Features
  • Collects the leakage of expensive cutting and grinding oil.
  • No need to collect the leaked liquid by hand.
  • Possible to use the equipped pump, special driving force is not required.


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